Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies and Business Solutions


It is a challenging balancing act: deploying new technologies for growth, profitability, and new services, while operating complex multi-technology and multi-vendor environments to realize efficiencies and costs.

INFAPRO management services address day-to-day IT management needs, enabling your internal IT staff to better focus on strategic initiatives. We provide infrastructure monitoring, vigorous solutions management, and comprehensive lifecycle services that help customers deliver specific business outcomes. Our managed service offerings help you overcome the critical challenges associated with people, process and technology, while providing your business with flexibility, elasticity and reliability.

Our management solutions are an evolving set of ‘building block capabilities’ that enable us to employ a ‘proper and right-fit’ solution, through integrated service platforms, automation systems, and tools.

Building Blocks include:

  • Rich device monitoring
  • Deployment of monitoring and management appliances
  • Management platform connectivity
  • Change management and MACD
  • Runbook governance
  • Management administration and enablement
  • Structured device and systems management
  • Firmware/software patching
  • Incident and problem management
  • Configuration management
  • Device backup and recovery
  • Access to centralized management platforms

As your organization needs grow, the need for managed IT support services grows as well. At INFAPRO customers get more flexibility and scalability for IT needs.

Business Solutions

Having the right tools for managing and following up service requests can be contagious. Once a business solution is up and running other departments become interested, which leads to a service structure within the organization.

Effective Tools

System integration is a concrete way to add new processes and align business and IT objectives. In practice, having CRM and ITSM tools enables different teams or departments to talk to each other and collaborate.

With INFAPRO’s you can achieve a greater clarity across your organization that delivers value and aids individuals and teams to move together in the same direction.

This means, having clear and efficient service level agreements across the organization that you can measure and improve. For IT, INFAPRO is the solution for bringing value across the organization and delivering satisfied customers.