Data Strategy

Data Strategy and Modernization


The goal is to prevent risks from outdated or unsupported systems. With an expert team helping you migrate to new technologies and platforms, your organization is guaranteed to stay up-to-date. Our Data Migration solutions help you reduce this risk and protect your data. In the migration process, we deploy smarter and more cost-effective technologies with minimal disruption.


Changing business needs and customer demands make it imperative for customers to leverage new technologies to ensure sustainability and maintain a healthy bottom line. While some older systems may be robust and reliable, in many cases, there are not compatible with new applications and hardware, inhibiting integrations necessary to improve operational efficiency. This makes system migration imperative.

Modernizing aging systems applications enables companies to reduce maintenance costs and leverage the flexibility and robust functionality of newer technologies. Our approach to application modernization involves a data migration process that is much more than simple 'conversion'. By combining highly effective tools, people, and processes, INFAPRO manages the full lifecycle—delivering production-ready applications and high quality data to meet your organizations requirements.

INFAPRO offers modernization solutions using:

  • Informatica
  • Redshift
  • Scripting, Procedural Language
  • ETL/ELT tools

INFAPRO’s experience in re-architecting older system applications helps improve workflow and ensure greater business flexibility. Our application modernization solutions ensure a smooth transition from traditional systems by retaining all critical business rules.